It’s all about creating unique looks that photograph well when it comes to high fashion makeup. Colors closer to natural skin tones, such as gold, can create beautiful eyes that still pop, especially when different shades of gold are used together to create a dimensional look.

Fashion makeup is used on the runway as well as in magazine photography. Professional makeup artists use fashion makeup on catwalk models, collection look books, and clothing advertisements. It’s all about full-body shots to highlight the clothes. It can be edgy and dramatic, or it can be classic and vintage.

In this type of setting, the makeup artist must collaborate closely with the fashion designer or editor to ensure that the makeup complements the clothing designs – which can be quite dramatic and high impact at times, even experimental.

A successful makeup artist must be aware of not only the latest runway and couture trends but also the latest high-street trends. Professional makeup artists, like LopaMudra, always keep up with current trends and are able to adapt to looks quickly.

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