5 Different Nail Shapes For Beginners

Who does not love manicured nails? The nail is one part of our body with whom we have an on and off relationship. There are times when we take care of them more than our faces, visit the best nail salon in the city to get the best nails. Some of us have long and healthy nails genetically or have to visit a Nail salon in Bhubaneswar every fortnight to get the shape done.

Some need to make an effort to make them look beautiful or even get a nail shape done right. If you’re someone willing to have beautiful nails and are confused about the type of nail shape to start with, we have sorted it for you. Having a perfect nail shape is not difficult or expensive. You can get them at Nail art in Bhubaneswar, or if you are an expert, you can achieve the desired shape at home.

Round Shaped Nail-
The easiest and joy for nail bitters! Round-shaped nails are easy to maintain, and you can achieve them at home. If you do not want to invest much time on your nails and want them to look good, then round shape nails are your go-to.

Square-Shaped Nail-
If your nail bed is flat and broad, then a square shape nail is the best pick. The flat and straight edge of the nail defines the square-shaped name nail. The square shape is more popular than other nail shapes, and the risk of breaking is less as it follows the nail bed width.

Oval Shaped Nail-
It is the most traditional nail shape, popular in the 90s and early 2000s. An oval-shaped nail is the best choice if you want your hands to look feminine. To get this nail shape done, you must have long nails or get nail extensions from the nail extension studio in Bhubaneswar.

Squoval Shaped Nail-
A variation of square and oval, squoval-shaped nails are our personal favorite. They are another top pick in the world of nail lovers. Easy to maintain, round on edge, soft edges, what’s there not to love them? While being round and smooth, they still uphold the look and classiness of square nails.

Almond Shaped Nail-
Similar to oval-shaped nails, they’re another nail shape for a beginner. It looks like an almond at the base and slender on the top. They also help to make your hand look elongated, making them best for short hands. This shape is for medium and long nails and makes a nail weaker. So take care!

Final Say
These were five basic nail shapes for beginners. One can choose to grow out nails or get nail extensions at Gorgeous Brides by Lopa, the best makeup and nail studio in Bhubaneswar. Besides these nail shapes, ballerina, stiletto, and lipstick-shaped nails are famous amongst brides-to-be for their quirky shapes and designs. So book your nail extension with Gorgeous Brides by Lopa and get ready for your event.