Types of Bridal Makeup

A wedding is a momentous day in every girl’s life, and they want it to be extraordinary. Girls plan every minute detail when it comes to the Big Day. From functions outfits to wedding lehenga and makeup, they want everything to be perfect. Makeup is one thing where they cannot decide which look they want to choose. Before deciding on Best Makeup Artist in Bhubaneswar, it is best to know the types of bridal makeup in trend.

What Type Of Makeup Can A Bride Opt For?

HD Makeup
The makeup we usually see on television is high-definition makeup. It gives a more natural look than conventional makeup, though the application process is the same for both. HD makeup is best for brides who intend to get photographed and run here and there to get them. HD makeup is suitable for uneven skin. It eradicates the skin issues such as visible pores, uneven skin tone, scars, acne, and more and gives a flawless finish to the face without making it look blurry. So, choose the best Makeup Artist in Bhubaneswar who can help you achieve the desired look.

Air Brush Makeup-
In this makeup technique, the makeup artist doesn’t use makeup tools such as blenders, brushes, and sponges for application. The airbrush makeup is waterproof and long-lasting while giving a natural finish to the face. The makeup product is sprayed directly on the skin with an air gun in thin layers, taking the form of the skin. It makes skin look flawless and can stay up to 12 hours if applied nicely.

Natural Makeup-
Remember how everyone was obsessed with Alia Bhatt’s natural makeup look? Not everyone is a fan of heavy makeup, and some brides love to cherish their natural beauty. Natural makeup gives the skin a second layer, making it look perfect. This makeup uses the technique of light and dark. This makeup type doesn’t have multiple layers of products and enhances the wearer’s natural features and skin. This makeup is hard to achieve, so select Makeup Artist in Bhubaneswar.

Mineral Makeup-
It is for brides who, even on their big day, don’t want to apply products full of chemicals! Mineral makeup is the best pick for brides with sensitive or acne-prone skin. It uses chemical-free products obtained from natural ores. This makeup gives natural illumination because of the mineral ores like iron oxide and zinc oxide in makeup. It is free of synthetic substances, preservatives, dyes, or fragrances.

Matte Makeup-
Matte Makeup is the way to get a smooth finish like porcelain and only the Best Makeup Artist in Bhubaneswar can achieve this. The products used in this makeup type absorb the excess oil from the skin, giving it a matte finish. It perfectly hides skin imperfections, giving a velvety touch to the skin. Matte makeup is best suitable for oily or combination skin.

High Shine Makeup-
Suitable for dry skin, high shine makeup gives a shiny finish to the skin, and it is more of a finish than makeup. The look is achieved using highlighters, illuminators, essential oils, and lip gloss. And, to give it a dewier look, glitters are used.

These are the six makeup types brides must know. It takes a skillful hand to attain the desired look. So, choosing the best makeup artist in Bhubaneswar is a task. Your search for the makeup artist near me ends with Gorgeous Brides by Lopa in Bhubaneswar who have trained makeup artists and can achieve desired makeup look for your big day. So block your dates today.