Nail Extensions Aftercare Tips: For Healthy Nails

Nail extensions are the hottest trend in the industry, be they acrylic extensions, or gel ones. Almost every woman has thought of getting their nails done and has tried it once. But, let’s be honest with a fact, after getting nail extensions, our precious nails look no longer the same way for some time after removing extensions. It’s because of all the chemicals, gels, and every step of the process. Well, no one said nail extension is free of disadvantages; everything artificial has some harmful effects. Be it Nude Nail Extension Services or extensions with fancy nail art; it leaves nails brittle, and weak and damages the nail bed. Once you get your extension removed, nails tend to break often, and growth is hampered. But who can resist the beautiful long nails? So, if you have recently taken Nail Extension Services in Bhubaneswar or got them removed, we have some easy tips to take care of your nails.

Keep them short –

Make sure you trim your original nails and keep them short after getting extension removal. The growth of nails will be completely natural but due to all the damage done, they will not be strong, and healthy, and will break easily. Even if they are growing naturally, they will be weak and brittle. Trimming them regularly will help to remove dead nails fast and build strong and healthy nails. According to Nail Art Makeup artists, keeping them in natural shape will prevent them from breaking easily.

Don’t skip on cuticle oil and nail cream-

When you get a nail extension, all the chemicals used during the process make the nail dry and damaged. The first thing one should be doing after removing the nail extension is to try to restore their health. The first step is to keep them moisturized. Invest in some good cuticle oil and nail cream. Apply nail cream whenever you feel your nails are dry and cuticle oil twice a day.

Use nail strengthener-

Your nail gets weak after getting nail extension and applying nail strengthener daily can help you prevent them from breaking. Nail strengthener is a transparent and thick nail paint-like solution that strengthens nails. It is a little thicker than usual nail polish. Apply this daily for two weeks to get back strong nails. After 02 weeks, if you still feel your nails are weak, apply this twice or thrice every week.

Good food, good nails-

Nail extensions damage nails badly, and one of the ways to get back healthy nails is through diet. Add healthy fats and food rich in biotin, omega-3, and other nutrients that helps to strengthen your nail. Peanuts, sweet potato, almonds, avocado, and walnut are a few foods that are omega-3 and vitamin E enriched.

Keep a gap before getting the next nail extension-

There are chances you want to get your nail extension back as soon as you remove them. But, girl, give it a break for some time. Let your natural nail become healthy before you take another Nail Extension service in Bhubaneswar. Getting them back in natural shape isn’t something that will happen overnight. It might take weeks or even months to outgrow damaged nails.


Nail extensions can enhance the beauty of your hands, but it is essential to take care of them properly to maintain healthy nails. It is important to follow the aftercare tips to avoid any damage or infection to your natural nails. For more such tips, healthy nails, and the best nail extension services in Bhubaneswar, visit Gorgeous Bride By Lopa, or call +91 8763127113 to book an appointment for the stunning design nail extension services!